New Site

Do You Need A New Site?


Get A New Site For $159.00!

New Personal or Business Site Includes:

1 Domain Name

1 Gig Hosting Space

4 Hours Of Done For You Services
– You provide the information, images, links, etc.. to display on your site. Your information does not need to perfect, organized or even complete for your site. The info for your site should convey your message, your way.


Hostonlineshop gets you started with your first personal or business Internet site and exposes you to what you must do, as a site owner, to maintain it.  Once you have a site and understand what it does, as a site owner, you will have the knowledge to do it for yourself.

Hostonlineshop can provide additional services, if you need them to maintain and operate your site.

Where can you sign up?

Uh, you cannot at the moment because there are only 400 hours available for done for you services. Once these hours are scooped up no more hours will be available for this offer.

Additionally, if one customer decides to buy all 400 hours at any given time, no more hours will be available for this offer.

On the other hand, if you are in a hurry, you may want to contact me, call or text me. Otherwise, I will be building out this promotion until my time to help you is not available and this offer is old out!