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Do You Need A New Site?

OH NO…This Deal Is No longer available.
……..But there is very nice limited deal right here 

Are You A United States Very Small Business Owner?


Get A New Site For $179.00! 

( This site serves United States businesses only! If you are from another country, go get help there! )


New Personal or Business Site Includes:

CPanel Access

Access to all the latest and greatest features to help you implement and design your site!

Email Setup

Setup of new email account at your site. Your new email account collects your messages at your site and  forwards all messages to your private email address.

 1 Domain Name*

*Some specialty domain names cannot be acquired due to the varying cost of acquiring them. Use the contact form to find out if your domain name can be included in this package.

1 Gig Hosting Space

-Shared VPS (Virtual Private Server)


Secure Socket  Layer

WordPress Installation

Installed and ready to go on your main site or in a folder.

Custom themes are available and ready to be installed for you too as part of this package.

3 Hours* Of Done For You Services

*These hours are provided in addition to all the initial setup work of your account.

– 3 solid hours of normally billable done for you technical help to get things done with a billable minimum of a quarter hour (15 minutes).
–Additional hours are available at an hourly rate of $40.00

– You provide the basic information, images, links, etc.. to display on your site*.

– Your information does not need to be perfect, organized or even complete for your site.

– The information  for your site should convey your message, your way.

*Tools and information are provided to help you gather information and media to develop your site.

Private Site (optional)

Your site can be restricted private access until it is ready to go public.

Site Security For WordPress 
WP Site Guardian

Site Cache for WordPress
WP Vipercache

Host Online Shop gets you started with your first personal or business Internet site and exposes you to what you must do, as a site owner, to maintain it.

Once you have a site and understand what it does, as a site owner, you will have the knowledge to do it for yourself.

As a business owner, at the minimum, it is important to be aware of what must be done and how to effectively get it done. Whether you choose to do it yourself or delegate the responsibilities, this combined membership package should increase your awareness of how to effectively get it done.

Host Online Shop can provide additional services*, if you need them, to maintain and operate your site.  Site administration, design and development can be completely handled for you, without you having to know or do anything!

*Service plans, that are on-going, start at a minimum of $80.00 retainer per month.

The  domain name/site hosting package you are acquiring through this site is not a complete hands-off, on-going solution! It is a starter package to get things going for you, help you get things done and expose you to how it is done.

Once the initial set up is in place and data is placed, etc., you are in charge of site administration and all changes. If you do not want to be in charge of site operations, a minimum monthly retainer is required!

Where can you sign up?

The sign up process associated with this offer is inside the members area of this site!

Use the contact form to request “members only” access for this site and get started!

What happens after you “request members” only access?

The email address you use is granted access within the “members area” to make payment!

Once payment is made, we (you and I) begin the process of establishing your Internet presence.

You just need to gather up all the information you already have for your web presence, if any!

I will contact you for your site details (name, any initial set up requirements, pictures, text, etc.) and establish your web site presence for you.

If you have any pre-payment questions you can use the site contact form or contact me directly through my name site at: