1 GIG Hosting Space – $69.00*
on a
Shared Virtual Private Server

*Annual non-recurring

Includes SSL for secure transaactions.

A Cpanel account for accessing your new hosting account.

Softaculous automated installers to help you set up your site with additional programs.

Please be aware that any automated installers (ie.. WordPress, GeekLog, PHPList) use default settings and hackers or bots are well aware of the default installation settings and may exploit your site, if given a chance. 

You use your registrar account to control your domain name.

In order to use the hosting service you must change the name server settings to the ones given to you after making payment for your hosting space.

Do You Need A Domain Name Too?

Domain Name and 1 Gig  Hosting Space $89.00

We use our registrar for your domain name, but please remember it is your domain name and should be transferred to your own registrar account when you are ready to do that.

You are not required to transfer your domain name to your own registrar but are highly encouraged to do so, especially if you plan on running your own business and controlling and maintaining your own domain name.

Usually a domain name cannot be transferred to another registrar within sixty days of acquiring it, either as a new name or an existing transferred name. This is standard practice with all domain name registrars and was instituted to protect domain name ownership from abuse.

No additional charges, no monthly or recurring billing.


In addition to domain names and hosting you can also acquire the necessary services to design, implement and support your personal or business Internet site.


There are many variables that contribute to initial and on-going site costs, but you can get a no cost, no obligation phone consultation or email response by visiting the Contact page.

All plans offered on this site are only for United States businesses.