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Terms Of Service

This site offers hosting, domain names and services related to the acquisition, design and implementation of a web site for personal or business use.

Terms of service for domain names and hosting is on an annual basis.

Terms of service for any ongoing support for your Internet presence is on a monthly basis.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely important. Any information you submit for contact or mail list subscription is only used at this site to do business with you. Your information is not shared, except for administrative use or legal inquiry.

A Privacy Policy page is at this site and under review while site changes take place. Privacy Policy


We do not guarantee that your use of this site or any products or services you may acquire, directly through this site or through any links leading from this site, will benefit you in any way.

You, as a business owner, should know what you want for your business. This site has a contact form to request information related to the process of acquiring products or services for your own personal web site or business web site.


Affiliate Information

An affiliate may be compensated through affiliate links existing at this site, if you decide to pursue anything for your Internet presence.

Refund Policy

Your payment for any services* offered within site is refundable at any time.

*Payments for domain names are never refunded since it is your domain name and you are free to do what you want with it. Any hosting or service charges will be prorated to the end of the month you request a refund.

We only have happy customers and do honor all refunds. To date, no one has ever requested a refund!

Effective 12 July 2018

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